Powołani Teens

The Inspiration

It surprising for some of us, when as adults we look back at our earlier years and realize just how many mistakes we made and how many things we would have done differently, had someone said something to warn us and point us in the right direction. Someone to anchor us in the Truth and help us find direction before the waves of life make their attempts at tossing us about.  
You and I can be that "someone" for the younger generation. Powolani Teens was founded for this very purpose. 

The Mission

  • To encourage teenagers through the hardships they face at school and in the home.
  • To guide them towards making good decisions.
  • To help them discover who they are and how each one's uniqueness can become a blessing to others.
  • To encourage creativity and provide avenues for their discovered talents to be nurtured.
  • To teach leadership skills​.

The Vision

Powołani, pronounced /povowani/, is a Polish word that means, "The Called". Inspired by Romans 8:28, we want to live to see a generation of teenagers on fire for the gospel. Through Powołani Teens, teenagers will discover their purpose in life and be groomed to take their place in society, that the Kingdom of God may come! We at Powolani envision teenagers who are built-up and equiped for the demanding roles of adulthood and for future world leadership.

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